Nurture your soul one page at a time

Enjoy a pocket of tangible self-care and delivered to your door each month. Filled with features on authentic living, journaling, meditation, recipes and celebrations.

Filled with pages of beautiful art, word searches. little corners for kids, family connections and spaces for stories of kindness and hope.

As each edition finds its way into your hands we hope it becomes a cherished ritual, a moment of pause and reflection in your busy life.

Meet the Heartheld team

HEllo, I'm jasmine

editor - in - chief, creative spirit and forever romantic

I believe a life of abundant rest, rejuvenation and joy - ripples outward and creates a kinder, gentler and more inclusive world.

True, authentic, tangible self-care comes from creating connections where people are allowed to shine in their strengths and be supported in their shortcomings. - that is why heartheld is here; to be the community you need to feel your best so you can go out into the world and create magic from a place of rest.

Hi I'm Jess

So Glad you're here

I'm a mom of 2, an avid coffee drinker, the founder of Sweet Simple Collabs and the Executive Editor of Heartheld.

You'll rarely ever see me without a beverage in hand (I'm from the emotional - support - water - bottle era) or my phone out snapping video and pictures.

I'm a huge fan of supporting my clients and the Heartheld Community - seriously we work for and with some of the most amazing businesses!

I'm grateful to be a part of this beautiful adventure and look forward to meeting YOU.

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