About Me

Hello there, welcome to my happily ever after. I'm Jasmine. Enneagram Four, hopeless romantic, disney enthusiast and wanna be minimalist. I believe magic is found in ordinary moments, butter and salt popcorn is the best snack in the world and in always saying yes to the extra bedtime story. Around here you will find me chasing adventures with my hard working soulmate, laughing while playing pretend with four active kiddos and dancing under starlight and snowflakes on repeat. I live life passionately, authentically, and through the guiding belief it is better to have loved & lost than to have never of loved at all. I'm here for the real, the raw, the ordinary moments. - believing those are the moments in which love creates a fairytale.

I lead with my heart, immediately say yes to my creative spirit and happily jump into adventure with both feet. I love to capture moments of baking cookies, eating pizza, water fights and paint fights.

(ask me about them because they are AMAZING!)

Let's have fun, create magic and live happily ever after.